10L First Aid Dry Bag – Stocked



Photos do not depict all contents of the bag! Updated photos of all included items coming soon.

10L Transparent Dry Bag – includes adjustable shoulder strap for convenient carrying.
These dry bags feature durable, waterproof, 500D Tarpaulin material designed to protect your gear in all environments.

Available in 2L or 10L


Roll-top buckle closure:
How do I properly seal a roll-top dry bag?

We recommend a minimum of 3 folds/rolls to properly seal a roll-top dry bag. For an optimal seal:
-Align the top two edges and push down to release excess air
-Once trapped air has been released, tightly fold the top over at least 3 times to ensure proper closure.
-For better protection, secure by connecting the buckles together.

First Aid Contents:

  • Bandages
    • 10x knuckle
    • 10x fingertip
    • 10x strip
  • 3x crepe bandage
  • 3x self-adhesive elastic bandage
  • 2x triangle bandages
  • 9″ of moleskin
  • 10x BZK wipes
  • 10x alcohol pads – 70% isopropyl
  • 10x sterile gauze swab
  • 10x sterile gauze pad
  • 10x non-adherent sterile pad
  • 3x ab pad
  • 1x quick splint
  • 12x gloves
  • 3x packet ASA (acetylsalicylic acid)
  • 3x packets Ibuprofen
  • 3x packets antibiotic ointment
  • 3x packets diphenhydramine (antihistamine)
  • 1x CPR mask
  • 1x torniquet
  • 1x pocket wire saw
  • 1x pair first aid scissors
  • 1x resin wax puck
  • 1x mini compass
  • 1x waterproof matchbox (includes matches)
  • 1x waterproof notebook
  • 1x pencil
  • 2x emergency rescue blankets
  • 1x mini tweezers
  • 6x energy bars
  • 1x chocolate bar
  • 1x small flashlight – includes batteries
  • 1x Canadian Red Cross Remote and Wilderness Field Guide *waterproof
  • 3x SOAP notes
  • 1x water purification tablet
  • 1x flat roll duct tape