Wilderness First Responder

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Wilderness First Responder

Wilderness guide, Search and Rescue member, remote wilderness traveller? This is your first aid course. This program has been designed for complicated real-world wilderness issues in remote locations for people in leadership roles.

Ridge Wilderness’s owner has been working with the Red Cross First Aid Technical Advisory community for years to produce this WFR. Some training components included in this offering are First Responder, Wilderness First Aid, CPR, BLS with AED, and Standard First Aid.


  • The Wilderness First Responder certification is valid for 3 years with the BLS certificate being valid for 1 year upon successful completion of the course.
  • We offer free refresher courses for up to two years after you take the course.
  • OFA1 equivalency available.


Day 1-4: Wilderness First Aid (40 hours)
Day 5-9: Wilderness First Responder (40 hours)


Course Length: 80 hours

$999.95 + tax – Full Course
$599.95 + tax – Recertification Course

Recertification’s can only be obtained by successfully completing a specific recertification course which cannot be run in conjunction with the regular offerings. Please check our calendar for upcoming recertification courses or email our office for more details.

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 First Responder Patient Assessments
 Health Care Provider Level CPR with AED:
 (A) Airway and C-Spine (basic airway techniques, protecting the airway,
clearing the spine, spine boards)
 (B) Breathing (assessment, assisted ventilation, use of oxygen)
 (C) Circulation (assessing, shock, managing bleeding)
 Airways: Oxygen Therapy
 Oral Airways
 Nasal Airways
 Rescue Breathing
 Extremity Injuries & Treatment
 Fractures, sprains, strains, dislocations, splints, dressings, wound care)
 Chest, Abdominal & Pelvic Trauma
 Bleeding, Dressing and Bandage
 Facial Trauma & Dental Injuries
 Frostnip and Frostbite
 Dehydration and Wilderness Rehydration Techniques
 Immersion Foot (Trench foot)
 Lightning Injuries
 Allergies & Anaphylaxis
 Nature: Fauna (insect stings, spider bites, snake bites, ticks)
 Nature: Flora (poison ivy and poison oak)
 Drowning & Near-Drowning
 Avalanche Injuries
 Carbon Monoxide Inhalation
 Altitude Illness
 Diving Emergencies
 Field Water Disinfection
 Medical Illnesses
 Seizure, stroke, cardiac arrest, angina, asthma, respiratory infections,
diabetes, acute abdomen & gastroenteritis, genitourinary, pregnancy issues,
water disinfection.
 Communication Devices (advantages/disadvantages)
 Extended and Long Term Care
 Emergency Prevention
 First Aid Kits
 Medical: Legal
 Specialized Diagnostic Tools
 Blood pressure cuff
 Pulse Oximeter
 First Responder SOAP Note
 Extrication Tools
 Improvised Backboards
 KED Stretcher

Upcoming Courses


01octAll Day09Wilderness First Responder - Victoria80 HOURS

12octAll Day21Wilderness First Responder - RevelstokeDURATION: 80 HOURS

17oct(oct 17)12:20 pm21(oct 21)12:20 pmWilderness First Responder Recert - RevelstokeDURATION: 40 HOURS

21octAll Day29Wilderness First Responder - Calgary Area80 Hours - Exact location TBD


05novAll Day13Wilderness First Responder - Loon Lake (Maple Ridge)Course length - 80 hours

19novAll Day27Wilderness First Responder - Squamish80 HOURS


29aprAll Day07mayWilderness First Responder - Nanaimo80 HOURS


29aprAll Day07mayWilderness First Responder - Nanaimo80 HOURS

06mayAll Day14Wilderness First Responder - Vancouver80 HOURS

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