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SAR remote First Aid

First aid is an integral part of every SAR Team member’s skills. This coupled with Rope, Water and Search skills produce a well rounded Team Member.  Ridge Wilderness using the Canadian Red Cross National First Aid Program has created an SAR specific First Aid program. This program has been created by working closely with SAR teams all over BC to maximize relevant training and scenarios to best facilitate success in the field.


20 hours of amazing wilderness learning
one evening session plus 2 days

Cost: $299.95 – $349.95 + tax
*Price varies by location
Ages 12+

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The following program meets the BC Provincial Operating Guidelines (POG 1.11):

    • Communication and Roles
    • Preparation and Planning for First Aid Emergencies
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Prioritizing Multiple Subjects
    • Subject Assessment and Treatment
    • Airway Emergencies
      • Choking
        • Mild and Severe
        • Conscious and Unconscious
    • Oxygen Therapy
      • Oxygen
    • Breathing and Circulation Emergencies
      • CPR and AED
      • Deadly Bleeds
      • Allergies/Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Smoke inhalation, Angina, Heart Attack, Stroke
    • Wound Care
      • Flail Chest, Penetrating Chest Injuries, Crush injuries, Amputation
      • Lacerations, Eye and Ear Injuries, Burns, Infection
    • Bone, Muscle, and Joint Injuries
      • Slings, Splints and Immobilization
    • Head and Spine Injuries
      • Spinal Immobilization, Hard Collars (improvised and commercial)
    • Environmental Situations
      • Poisons, Water, Lightening and Altitude Related Injuries
    • Cold and Heat-Related Emergencies
      • Hypothermia, Heat-Related, Frost Bite
    • Medical Emergencies
      • Evacuation and Transportation
      • Diabetes, Seizure, Non-Digestive Illness

Non- certificate Skill Content:

This content meets the SAR Operational Guidelines:

  • Communication
    • Leadership in First Aid
    • Team Approach First Aid
  • Transport
    • Spine Board, Clamshell Usage, and Vacuum Spine Board (VSB)
    • Ferno Basket Stretcher

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First Aid Courses

Frequently Asked Questions


What levels of First Aid do you offer?

We offer the following courses publicly:

  • Remote First Aid 
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Wilderness First Aid Instructor 
  • OFA 1 Equivalency (SFA Certification)

We also offer recertification courses for all of the above.

In addition, we offer the following for private courses:

  • Standard First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Transportation Endorsement
  • Marine First Aid
  • OFA 1 Equivalency


Do you offer Occupational First Aid level 1?

We offer Standard and Emergency First Aid training. These certifications are equivalent and recognized by WorkSafeBC, as Occupational Level 1. These certifications can be added onto any of our Wilderness Courses for an additional fee.


I want to take the 40 hour course, but I can only attend on weekends, what are my options?

If you are looking to obtain a 40 hour WFA Certificate, you can opt to take TWO weekend courses. 

  • Weekend 1: Remote First Aid (20 hours)
  • Weekend 2: Remote to Wilderness First Aid Bridge (20 hours)

If you would like to take advantage of our package pricing, and save yourself $100, contact our office and we can give you this discount for pre-purchasing the two weekends at once! 


What kind of first aid do I need to lead overnight trips?

We recommend holding a minimum of a 40 hour Wilderness First Aid Certification, when planning to take people out in the wilderness on an overnight journey.

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